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6/06/2009 10:56:00 AM

Stormy Weather

Posted by Captain Tedward

My recent adventure involved flying in and around some stormy weather. Barry and I decided to fly down to Jacksonville last Friday and visit Cecil Field since we have never been to that airport and wanted to check it out. When we approached the area, storms had developed and was basically blocking our approach path into the airport. Since the air traffic controller told us that the cell was an intense one based on the radar return, we opted to divert over to Craig; a few miles to the east (and in the clear for the time being!).

Once we landed, we parked at Sky Harbor and grabbed a crew car. Before we left for lunch, we took a quick glance at the local radar and very quickly changed our minds. It was best that we head home soon! Barry filed the flight plan, we got a little fuel, pre-flighted, and taxied out. Well, the leading edge of the storm beat us to the runway and we had to taxi back to the ramp. We waiting a few minutes for some clearing, looked at the radar again from our phones, and took off. The flight back was not too bad as we flew around the strongest of the cells. You will find some pictures and video I took from the flights. The video is from the trip back to Hilton Head and was taken about 40 miles SW of the airport.

Captain Tedward