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5/13/2009 09:50:00 AM

Mountain Flying

Posted by Captain Tedward

Hello Everyone!

Did some mountain flying yesterday. Definitely an adventure! Great weather and beautiful scenery.

The day started off around 9am with me at the controls flying from Hilton Head to Asheville, NC. After a bite of lunch at the J & S Cafeteria (great food!), my friend Christina took the controls and gave me an aerial tour of some of the prettiest sights in the Southeast. That tour lasted about two and a half hours and then we returned to Asheville for some fuel. I think piloted the plane back to Hilton Head.

Oh, and for those of you going to the Beaufort MCAS Air Show this weekend, stop on by and say hello. Kim and I (as well as the plane) will be there as a static display representing the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue. Hope to see you there and enjoy the photo slide show below.

Captain Tedward

5/04/2009 10:20:00 AM

Race to Ridgeland

Posted by Captain Tedward

Hound Dog One and I participated in this air race and placed 7th. It's not a race against others but a race against the manufacturer's rated highest attainable speed at sea level in the plane you are flying. The one who finishes the race closest to this "index" is declared the winner.

Kim was also there (Luke and Mason too) with a display booth for Hound Dog One/CBHR and we got the word out to a few people that stopped by. Ann from Bluffton also helped out and brought her two Bassets. This was a good practice run since we have a huge event coming up in two weeks....the Beaufort MCAS Air Show featuring The Blue Angels.

Hound Dog One Pilot