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2/18/2009 09:13:00 AM

Back in the air!

Posted by Captain Tedward

I finally got back into the air after several weeks. The plane was in for its required annual inspection. I picked it up on Monday and flew it back to Hilton Head, SC.

Yesterday, I flew a friend of mine and her boyfriend to Charleston for a day trip. It was her boyfriend's birthday to make the occasion even more special. The highlight of our day was a visit to the aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown. I have posted some of the pictures from the visit below.

Enjoy the photos!

Captain Tedward

Boeing's 747 Dreamlifter
Christina and Jason in front of the USS Yorktown

The Ravenel Bridge

I think they forgot to let this guy out of the jail cell.

Downtown Charleston, SC

2/08/2009 07:39:00 PM

Annual Inspection

Posted by Captain Tedward

Not much new to report in my world of flying. The airplane has been in Sylvania, GA since late January undergoing a mandatory annual inspection. In addition, she is getting several new parts. :-)

I hope to be back up in the air soon with some new adventures and pictures to share with y'all.

Captain Tedward