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1/25/2010 03:02:00 PM

Cloud pictures and video

Posted by Captain Tedward

I did some flying over the weekend and here are a few photos and a video of what it looks like when flying near clouds in a small plane. For more information on our flight, please visit

Captain Tedward

1/14/2010 08:59:00 PM

First 2010 Adventure

Posted by Captain Tedward

My buddy, Barry, and I flew down to Jacksonville for lunch. We had a taste for Chipotle and that is the closest city. :-)

Barry flew the leg down and I flew back. Check out the flight below. I used application on my iPhone that can track our flight and also allows me to shoot photos. The program geo-tags the location the photos were taken and you can see our course plot on the map.

Enjoy and I hope everyone is having a great New Year!

Captain Tedward


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11/29/2009 07:40:00 PM

2nd Annual Trip to South Florida

Posted by Captain Tedward

John Kilbourne and I headed back down to South Florida for the second straight year to see a Miami Dolphins' game. He is a huge Tampa Bay Bucs fan so seeing our two favorite teams in action seemed like a no brainer. :-)

Our adventure began on Saturday, 11/14 as we flew from Hilton Head, SC down to Fort Lauderdale, FL via Titusville, FL for breakfast and gas. The weather was perfect and we had one heck of a tail wind, averaging 145 knots across the ground. We landed at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in the early afternoon. That's when the fun began!!! I won't bore you will all the details but great weather, great company, and a Miami win made it very enjoyable for me! LOL

On Monday afternoon, 11/16, we departed for home but had to stop in Kissimmee, FL on the return due to a space shuttle launch. We managed to get airborne in time to get a few shots of the shuttle as it lifted off into space.

The following are three out of the four tracks we flew during this trip. The one for Fort Lauderdale to Kissimmee didn't work properly on my iPhone.

Enjoy the tracks and photos of the shuttle!

Captain Tedward


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6/28/2009 02:51:00 PM

Fun Summer Adventure

Posted by Captain Tedward

A few weeks ago, Kim and I went on a little Summer vacation. We flew to Marianna, FL to visit the Florida Caverns State Park first and spent the afternoon exploring the underground caves. Great way to beat the Summer heat! :-)

The following day, we flew to New Orleans. That was on Kim's top 5 list of places to visit so off we flew. It was amazing flying along the Gulf Coast and still seeing damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. The other neat thing (for me at least) was flying over Lake Pontchartrain.

Once we landed at Lakefront Airport, we took a cab to our hotel near the French Quarter and started exploring. One of my main goals of the visit was to try to join the 15 Dozen Club at the Acme Oyster House. Well, I didn't complete the challenge but did end up eating 114 oysters in about 48 minutes; the first 8 dozen were downed in 25 minutes!

Some other things we did besides sightseeing were the aquarium and IMAX movie (Hurricane on the Bayou), a walking ghost tour, and a cemetary tour. Of course, we had to eat some beignets while we were there!

The trip home was uneventful until we got in the Hilton Head Island area where a thunderstorm was parked near the airport. We just got in before the skies opened up! What a great adventure overall!

Captain Tedward

6/06/2009 10:56:00 AM

Stormy Weather

Posted by Captain Tedward

My recent adventure involved flying in and around some stormy weather. Barry and I decided to fly down to Jacksonville last Friday and visit Cecil Field since we have never been to that airport and wanted to check it out. When we approached the area, storms had developed and was basically blocking our approach path into the airport. Since the air traffic controller told us that the cell was an intense one based on the radar return, we opted to divert over to Craig; a few miles to the east (and in the clear for the time being!).

Once we landed, we parked at Sky Harbor and grabbed a crew car. Before we left for lunch, we took a quick glance at the local radar and very quickly changed our minds. It was best that we head home soon! Barry filed the flight plan, we got a little fuel, pre-flighted, and taxied out. Well, the leading edge of the storm beat us to the runway and we had to taxi back to the ramp. We waiting a few minutes for some clearing, looked at the radar again from our phones, and took off. The flight back was not too bad as we flew around the strongest of the cells. You will find some pictures and video I took from the flights. The video is from the trip back to Hilton Head and was taken about 40 miles SW of the airport.

Captain Tedward