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3/22/2008 01:45:00 AM

Welcome to Merritt Island, Florida (KCOI)

Posted by Captain Tedward

"So where to this week?", Barry asks me one day at work. I told him I'd have to look for a cool place when I got done doing work-related stuff. He told me he'd scope it out and within minutes, he said to look at KCOI, Merritt Island, Florida. It did not take me more than a second to agree as I visited this area back in college when I flew my father up from Miami for one of his business meetings.

We departed Beaufort County Airport (Barry at the controls; I'm working the radio) around 930am on an IFR flight plan that consisted of the following route: KELER v437 OMN V3 INDIA and then into KCOI. After we got handed off to Savannah Approach, they cleared us direct CATHY intersection which saved us a little time. This particular route took us about 16 miles off the coast at its farthest point...right about abeam Fernandina Beach, Florida.

The first several photos show downtown Savannah, Georgia and the coast. After that, you will see pictures of Grills Seafood Restaurant and Tiki Bar and Jetty Park, which include pictures of Barry, a manatee, a cat, a guy cutting up his catch, a couple of pelicans, a casino boat, a tug boat, a fishing boat, a submarine, and a cruise ship belonging to Royal Caribbean. The final shot is on the moon rising off our right wing as the sun sets off to our left.

On the way back, I flew and Barry worked the radios. We were cleared up to 5,000 feet...right in the middle of a row of cumulous clouds. I got about 30 minutes of actual instrument time. As it was getting dark and going through the clouds was a bit bumpy, we opted to climb to 7,000 feet for a smooth ride home. After passing HOTAR intersection (about 16 miles off Jacksonville), ATC cleared us direct to 73J (Beaufort County). That was incredible! Now, we were going to be about 30 miles off the coast, at night, in a single engine aircraft. Kinda freaky but at the same time, VERY COOL! About 40 miles out, we began to see the lights of Savannah and we ended up flying right over Hilton Head Island on the way in. Simply a superb trip!

Captain Tedward

3/13/2008 09:00:00 PM

She needed a bath! Plane wash time!

Posted by Captain Tedward

Well, as you can imagine with a plane being parked outside in the South, N2212R needed a bath. So, Barry and I grabbed the recently purchased airplane cleaning supplies and headed out to Beaufort County Airport. Perfect day for a plane wash as it was in the 70s. On the flip side, it is VERY difficult to wash an airplane without getting completely wet!

Captain Tedward

3/10/2008 12:00:00 AM

Revisited Jekyll Island, Georgia (09J)

Posted by Captain Tedward

I took today off so Kim and I could finally go somewhere in the plane. We decided a little day trip down to Jekyll Island would be perfect. We left in the early afternoon and came back in the early evening since we had some extra daylight. DST started this morning so it was going to get darker a little later. :) We landed and walked about a mile down the road to the Jeykll Island Club Hotel. The pictures below will show you how beautiful the area is both from the ground AND the air. Enjoy!

Captain Tedward