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5/02/2008 05:24:00 PM

Trip to Richmond/Norfolk, VA

Posted by Captain Tedward

A friend of mine, Jason, had asked if I could fly him up to visit his ailing grandmother just outside of Richmond. "Do I really need an excuse to fly?", I asked myself. :)

So, off we went! I flew the leg up, stopping in Wallace, NC for fuel. First destination in Virginia was Chesterfield County Airport, just south of Richmond. We dropped him off and headed over to Norfolk, to see my buddy Joel. He is currently in the Navy and I hadn't seen him is close to 15 years. Joel picked us up and we headed over to the sub base and got one heck of a tour! After the tour, we headed out for beers and a seafood buffet.

The next day, Barry and I headed back to Richmond, this time Barry was at the controls. We met Jason, had a bite to eat at the airport cafe, and off we were towards North Carolina, where we stopped again at Henderson Field (Wallace, NC) for fuel. After a brief break, we loaded up and headed back home to Beaufort.

Enjoy the pictures from this trip!

Captain Tedward